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Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges Replacement Tips

Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges Replacement Tips
Study the filter cartridge photos. If you’re purchased online and going by measurements instead of the part numbers,find those photos carefully.filter cartridges end cap of the same dimensions may have different-sized holes, coarse or fine threads or a protruding handle. Only the filter cartridges that looks exactly like your old one will work in your hot tub.

find the square footage.while you’ve found the right cartridge size, you may want to consider the square footage of your swimming pool.A filter cartridges built to clean a 50-sq.-ft. spa, for example, has more pleats, which are closer together than one made for a 25-sq.-ft. spa.

Order an another filter cartridges.Do not let a worn-out filter cartridge keep you from enjoying your swimming. Filter cartridges are often sold in multi-packs, so it makes sense to keep at least one extra filter on hand. Just don’t let your reserve supply run out before you order new ones!


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