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How To Replacement Spas Hot Tubs filter cartridges

How To Replacement Spas Hot Tubs filter cartridges
According to Pool and Spas Hot Tubs,there are more than 500 sizes of hot tubs filters cartridges, so there’s no solution for filter cartridges replacement. Wuxi jiaze will guide you how to replacement filter cartridges for your hot tubs:

1.find the filter cartridges part number
On the filter cartridges. With any luck, the part number is printed or stamped on the bottom of the filter cartridges, on the plastic ring that forms end.

2.find the manufacturer
you can find the manufacturer on the package of the hot tubs filter cartridges,then view manufacturer website find the replacement filters.

3.According to the size of the filter cartridges.
you can measure the size of the filter cartridges,size must include the outer diameters inner diameter and the total length.you can give the details to the sellers,then you will feedback the right filters.

4.Consider square footage. Once you’ve found the right cartridge size, you may want to consider the square footage of your hot tubs. A filter built to clean a 50-sq.-ft. spa, for example, has more pleats, which are closer together than one made for a 25-sq.-ft. spa. The larger capacity filter is harder to clean by hand, but does a better job at filtering water.



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